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Pet Grooming in Bangalore

Pet Grooming at Your Nearest Pet Shop in Bangalore

Do you know that your cute little puppy enjoys brushing sessions the most and you can actually develop a stronger bond while combing its hair? You may not know that your dog detests nail trimming the most fact. A lengthy bathing session is not your dog’s favorite too. Try to wash your pup for too long hours and you might be left with a wet carpet and water everywhere on the bathroom floor!

Pet grooming is not easy if you are not aware of your companion animal’s nature, likes and dislikes. Certain tasks which seem simple and fun to you might not appeal to your furry friend. This is when you need assistance of a professional groomer. At V-care Pet Clinic we make every grooming session as much enjoyable as possible for both the owner and the pet. We promise that your adorable pet would remember this one grooming session and would love to come back to us for the next.

Our package pricing would surely appeal to you if you are looking for affordable pet grooming in Bangalore to bring in your companion animal at least weekly once for a bath, blow dry, clip or comb-out, nail trimming, gland expression, and ear cleaning. Apart from regular grooming we offer specialized services like deep coat conditioning, salon style nail trimming followed by polishing, full body clip, teeth brushing, shaving foot pads, sanitary clip and more.

We understand very well that your charming pet deserves the best. So we take care in using best quality products of renowned brands only, to present your pet with a luxury spa experience. Besides general grooming, we address behavioral disorder of companion animals too. Visit V-care Pet Clinic to consult the best veterinary doctor in Bangalore if you notice certain abnormalities or aggressiveness in your puppy or kitten’s behavior.

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